Help hub

Empower Every Interaction with AI Assistance.

Business Problem:

In today's digital age, businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance customer interaction and provide instant support. Traditional chatbots often come with limitations, such as a lack of customization and inadequate data analysis. There was a pressing need for a tool that could offer personalized chatbot solutions tailored to specific business needs.

Project Description:

Help Hub is an innovative assistance tool designed to generate custom chatbots. Unlike generic chatbots, Help Hub offers the unique ability to train chatbots using custom data, whether it's from documents, websites, or databases. This ensures that businesses can offer support that's truly tailored to their products, services, and customer base.


  1. Integrating diverse data sources to train the chatbot.
  2. Ensuring seamless embedding of the chatbot widget into various websites.
  3. Formatting of the data available in different sources


Help Hub was developed with a focus on flexibility and integration. The platform allows users to: Train chatbots using a variety of data sources. Making the data source to be as interactive as possible. Easily embed the chatbot into their website using a plugin widget. Analyze chat interactions to understand customer queries and improve future interactions.

Result/ Outcome

Businesses that integrated Help Hub experienced: Enhanced customer satisfaction due to personalized interactions. Reduced manual intervention as the chatbot handled a significant portion of queries. Improved business strategies based on insights derived from chat analysis.


  • Custom Training: Equip your chatbot with knowledge from documents, websites, or databases.
  • Seamless Integration: Use the chatbot plugin widget for easy embedding into your website.
  • Chat Analysis: Dive deep into chat interactions to understand and improve customer support.
  • Insightful Stats: Gain insights from the frequency and type of questions asked, helping you refine your support strategy.

Product Screenshots

Technology Stack

Help hub was developed using below technology stack:

  • Database: MySQL, ensuring efficient data storage and retrieval.
  • LLM Model: Langchain, providing the foundation for linguistic learning.
  • AI Agent: Generative AI, driving the intelligence behind chatbot responses.
  • Vector Database: FAISS, optimizing search and similarity checks within large datasets.
  • Frontend: React JS, delivering a responsive and interactive user interface.
  • Backend: Python, powering the server-side logic and data processing.