The New Era of Meeting Documentation

Business Problem:

In the fast-paced world of business, meetings are a constant. Yet, the traditional methods of documenting these meetings, such as manual note-taking or relying on memory, are prone to errors and omissions. There's a pressing need for an automated solution that can capture, transcribe, and summarize meetings efficiently and accurately.

Project Description

Twinoid emerges as a groundbreaking solution to this challenge. It's not just a tool; it's a revolution in how we perceive meeting documentation. This robo tool, equipped with generative AI, not only records physical meetings but also transcribes them, sends summaries, sets reminders, and even generates tasks based on the discussions.


  1. Multidimensional Voice Recognition: One of the primary challenges faced during the development of Twinoid was selecting the right speaker system. The goal was to capture voices from multiple directions in varied settings, from quiet boardrooms to bustling conference halls. Ensuring clarity and precision in such diverse acoustic environments proved to be a significant hurdle.
  2. Actor Differentiation: Meetings often involve multiple participants, each with their unique voice and speaking style. Distinguishing between these actors and accurately attributing dialogues to the right individual was another complex challenge. Ensuring that Twinoid could differentiate and process overlapping conversations or simultaneous discussions added another layer of complexity to the task.


Twinoid was designed with the vision of revolutionizing the way meetings are documented. To achieve this, a multi-faceted approach was adopted: At the heart of Twinoid is its state-of-the-art robo-recorder. This isn't just any recording device; it's equipped with specialized microphones designed to capture multidirectional voices. By integrating noise-cancellation and voice-enhancement technologies, Twinoid ensures that even in crowded or noisy environments, every word is captured with clarity. Post-recording, the data undergoes immediate encryption and is synced to a secure cloud server. This not only safeguards the information but also facilitates instantaneous processing, allowing users to access transcriptions and summaries shortly after the meeting concludes. Twinoid's transcription prowess is powered by Langchain and Generative AI. These technologies work in tandem to convert audio data into text, ensuring context is maintained, jargons are recognized, and even subtle nuances in speech are accurately transcribed.

Result/ Outcome

Since the integration of Twinoid into various professional settings: Enhanced Productivity: Organizations reported a significant reduction in the time spent on post-meeting documentation, allowing employees to focus on more strategic tasks. Streamlined Follow-ups: The automated task and reminder generation ensured that action items from meetings were promptly addressed, leading to faster decision-making and project execution. Increased Engagement: Meeting participants, freed from the burden of note-taking, were more present and engaged during discussions, leading to more fruitful and collaborative sessions. Digital Integration: Hospitals and other institutions benefited from the seamless integration of Twinoid's transcriptions into their existing systems, like EHRs, enhancing data accessibility and patient care.


  • Robo Configuration: Twinoid is designed as a compact device, unobtrusive yet powerful enough to record entire meetings.
  • Cloud Syncing: Post-recording, the data is seamlessly synced to the cloud, ensuring it’s accessible from anywhere and backed up securely.
  • Automated Summaries: On the cloud, advanced algorithms get to work, generating concise summaries of the meeting.
  • Actor Recognition: The tool identifies and notes the key participants or ‘actors’ in the meeting.
  • Highlight Extraction: Key points and highlights are extracted, ensuring that no critical information is missed.
  • Reminder Generation: Based on the discussions, reminders are set, ensuring follow-ups and tasks are never overlooked.

Product Screenshots

Technology Stack

  • Database: MySQL, ensuring data integrity and swift retrieval.
  • LLM Model: Langchain, the foundation for linguistic learning and transcription.
  • AI Agent: Generative AI, the intelligence that powers transcription, summary generation, and task creation.
  • Vector Database: FAISS, optimizing search functions and ensuring efficient data handling.
  • Web Interface: Django, offering a robust and intuitive platform for accessing and managing the recorded data.
  • Hardware: Raspberry Pi, forming the core of the robo recorder, offering compactness without compromising on capability.